How To Add Your Tale

Do YOU want to tell the world your story? Your tale from the Registry? This is your chance!

Whether you’re family or a friend of a registrant or a registrant yourself, you are welcomed to share your story of how the Registry has affected your or your family’s life. All new posts are moderated, meaning that an admin must read and approve the post before it is presented publicly on the website.  We reserve the right to edit any content as we feel may be needed.

Here’s how to add your tale:

Not registered?

  1. Register for an account by selecting “Registration” from the drop down menu labeled “JOIN US” (or simply use the link provided at the beginning of this sentence), then
  2. Fill in the requested fields and input a password of your choosing twice, then
  3. Check your email address for an acknowledgement that you’ve registered.
  4. Then, Please WAIT to be APPROVED by an administrator.
  5. Once approved, you will receive a second email confirming your registration.
  6. Then, follow the steps below to log-in.

Already registered?

  1. Simply log-in with your user name and password.
  2. You’re now ready. You can select Submit New Tale from the menu.
  3. Be sure to answer the captcha question.
  4. Type your tale directly, or copy and paste it from another source.  Don’t forget to give your Tale a Title!
  5. Submit your posting for moderation.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you register for your account, you must wait until an administrator has the opportunity to approve your registration.  This part of the process is NOT automated.  PLEASE BE PATIENT as the site is checked on a periodic basis.