Nebraska bill is revoking parental rights of sex offenders

Nebraska Senator Brett Lindstrom is trying to pass a bill right now essentially preventing anyone convicted of a “sex offense” from having custody or unsupervised visitation with any minor child. Even though my crime was being lied to by a girl who was underage on an Adult Dating website and I had no knowledge that I was violating the law. Apparently, now I can’t have kids and/or raise children either. 

My daughter was born on Veteran’s Day of 2016. Her mother and I are not on speaking terms of which I am unsure as to why. Due to having a child out of wedlock, I have chosen to have DNA testing to ensure that I fulfill my responsibilities as a father and to assert my rights. Never in a million years did I think that having a child could change my views in life so drastically over such a short period of time. I can attest that it’s been a blessing and a curse both in the same. The only one who’s affected by what I’m telling you is my daughter, an infant who knows no better. A little girl who doesn’t even know my face yet. A child who I am bound by instinct to protect by any means necessary.

Keep fighting

I am a registered sex offender who has been on the registry since 2004.  The crime actually happened a couple years prior to my conviction but cause of some hesitation on the part of the law I wasn’t convicted until a while later.  Well to not explain my whole situation I was at a party as an older teen and had relations with a younger teen.  It was stupid and has really messed up my life.  I was only supposed to register for ten years but because of a new law I am told I have to register for life.  So now I have been on the registry for almost thirteen years now.  Pretty fun stuff.  You really can’t fix your life after that.  I have tried different things all the time.  I even went and got my associate’s and bachelor’s degree.  I can land job interviews easily but never make it past the background check.  So far the sex offender status has just gotten me poked at more times than I would like.  I was married for seven and a half years and because I left my ex for cheating she now goes around town telling people I’m a sex offender.  That’s what I call ironic.  If there was a relationship offender registry she’d be on it in a heartbeat.  I had three kids with her and now I have joint custody of my children but still have to pay child support and daycare.  I totally lost the divorce battle.  I don’t have enough to live off of so I had to become creative.  I just wrote a book on my life that took me four weeks of work to produce.  I released it on amazon under the title “An Ambivalent Pariah”.  Not sure on how big it could be but it will put a little change in my pocket.  If you have a story to tell you should do the same.  It might benefit you as well.  Keep fighting to have the life you want and not what the public wants you to have.

The illegality of the “Pre-Polygraph Test Interview”.

I am a tier-one ‘Supervised Releasee” (not a “Defendant”, nor (in the present tense) an “Offender”).  A few months back my Parole Officer attempted to violate me for invoking my 5th, Amendment rights in not answering, as she called them, “Standard Masterbatory Questions” during a required Polygraph session. I hired a lawyer (for $2500. bucks) who made the thing ‘go away’, but I’ve given the matter further thought since then. I’ve decided that I didn’t even have to shell out that money!     Let me begin my ‘conclusion’ by telling you that I visited the Amazon book site and found a title (geared for the Polygraph “industry”) that essentially says that the ‘key to a “successful” (ha) polygraph test  is the “Pre-test Interview”. After reviewing my “Supervised Release Order” I found that I was only required to submit to a “polygraph examination”, not a “pre-test interview”. So the next time the Polygraph guy shoved a CONSENT FORM in my face, I simply crossed out any words which would allow an “INTERVIEW”! Harking back to the first time when my “PO” was trying to violate me, I had been threatening to file a State Criminal Complaint against the Polygraph guy for “HARASSMENT” for his asking the OBNOXIOUS, STEREOTYPING questions in the first place. My lawyer had saved everyone’s face, but my Advice now is that so-called “Sex Offenders” learn their own State’s criminal law(s) against ‘making annoying communications to another person’ (YOU); and for God’s sake, don’t consent to any “Pre-Polygraph-Test-Interview”. Also, be careful of the polygrapher. In my case he, or someone, tried to alter the AVI video of the proceeding to make me appear guilty! There’s experts against that, but “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, as the saying goes.   Record what you say yourself, if you can.

Registry makes for hard life

Hard Life
I was asking for a pardon because I served time in prison in the State of California many years ago for a conviction. I have done my time with parole, followed the state rules and I have nothing else on my criminal recorded. After 10 years I get a letter in the mail saying if I pay the Lawyer he can take me off the registration and it never did happen, I was ripped off a lot of money!!
I have been looking forward to trying to get more educated so I can find a job but it is so difficult to get a job with a conviction on your record. Many employers refuse to hire me with this conviction and just won’t admit it.
When it comes to relationship they are very hard to find because people can be very judgmental once I inform them about my conviction, but I have found someone who gave me a chance and did not judge me when I told her of my conviction. We have been together for 4 years and we have formed a little family. We would like to move in with each together but I can’t do to this registration. If I move in with her or she moves in with me then people start judging her just likes me and that is unfair because she is not doing anything wrong.
I would like to remove this registration and marry my girlfriend. At this point I just wish there was something like a three tier law to keep the real bad ones in prison so I can move on with my life. Some of us deserve a chance.

I can’t get off the registry

In 1997 I met a dude on line who had a porn site called  He was offering a CD-Rom disc that had underage nude boys on it. I ordered it and received it about two weeks later and nothing happened. In the fall of 1998 I received another solicitation from him for another disc with the same type stuff on it. At the time I didn’t have the money to buy it so I waited until march of 1999 to order it. 3 1/2 months later I got a pink slip from the post office saying I had a package ready to be picked up, so I went to the post office but they told me it wasn’t there. They said that it was being delivered to my house. I went back home and about an hour later they brought the package. About 4 minutes after I took the package in the house the feds came and busted down my door. I was arrested and taken to jail where I stayed 8 months. In 2000  I went to be sentenced and I happen to get Judge Lacy H Thornburg. It was also an election year and when my lawyer presented his arguements  Thornburg struck everyone of them down. I wound up getting 7 years in federal prison but only did 4 years and 3 months. I was released in 2003 and registered 2 days later. I was registered as a non-violent offender and could get off automaticlly after 10 years but when they passed jessica’s law that screwed that up for me (and other sex offenders,) so now it’s been almost 13 years. I have not been able to find a job because of the registry. My mom has to pay my bills and buy my gas etc. and it’s frustrating and embarassing. In 2012 I took a truck driving class and got my class A CDL that is turning out to be worthless. I have put in plenty of applications but to no avail and have given up on finding a job. I agree that they need to reform the sex offender laws. I wish they would amend jessica’s law so that sex offenders who registered before that law passed could still get off automatically and the ones who were registered after that law passed would have to petition the court or judge. The only thing about going to court to try to get off is that if they don’t let you off you are on it for life and if you don’t try to get off you are on it for life so it’s kind of damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario.

I should be off registry

What do I need to do to get my case looked at? I was convicted in 1990 & sentenced to 10 yrs on the registry. I was released by Iowa in 2005 & placed back on in 2006 because they “made a mistake”. I’ve had issues since 2008 when I was reassigned to lifetime. Can anyone help me?


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Denied entry to Singapore


I was denied entry on Apr 3rd, 2016. The immigration would not tell me why. But I am almost positive it’s because of my RSO status. They just handed me a letter stating denied entry due to current immigration policies. I was put back on a plane to the US. I am a US citizen so I should have no problems. The purpose of my visit was business and my other co-workers who went with me passed through just fine. Now my job is sending me to Mexico where I hear it is hit or miss to get in. Would someone happen to have any advice for traveling to Mexico? I’d hate to be turned away again and possibly lose my job.

New Rule in Alabama….?

I was informed today, 10May16, by my Officer of Supervised Probation that the State is no longer allowed to issue  “out-of-state”  travel permits. I was told I had to go to court, before the judge, and petition to get a “out-of-state” travel permit. I was told this has been in effect since February 2016.

Does anyone have any factual truth about this “rule”?


Free and Happy

Free And Happy

Little by little, each day, my little light grows dimmer.
One day my little light will just simply go out.
On that day weep not tears of despair, instead weep tears of joy.
For on that day I will be set free from all the lies, and will truly be free.
For on that glorious day those who have hurt me and sought to justify their crimes, will indeed weep tears of sadness for I will no longer be here to be punished for their crimes, and they can no longer revel in their crimes against me.
Free to be me with no perverse laws that disguise themselves as justice, holding me back from being me.
Free from all the hate and misguided souls who have been caught up in their web of lies.
I truly will be free and vindicated, for they will be left here with nothing more than their lies to gain sympathy from. There will be no one who cares about their lies anymore, but them.
How truly sad they will be.
How truly happy I will be because……
I WILL BE SET FREE on that truly glorious day!
Michael Allan Lewis Sr.
April 22 2016